High Efficiency Lighting

High Efficiency Lighting

Dec 01, 2012 Written by  Green Port Network
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What are the benefits of high efficiency lighting?

  • High-pressure sodium lamps have an efficacy of 50–140 lumens per watt and have a long lifetime (16,000–24,000 hours).
  • Due to the directional nature of their light emission, LEDs potentially have higher application efficiency than other light sources in certain lighting applications. Fluorescent and standard "bulb" shaped incandescent lamps emit light in all directions. Much of the light produced by the lamp is lost within the fixture, reabsorbed by the lamp, or escapes from the fixture in a direction that is not useful for the intended application. For many fixture types, including recessed downlights, troffers, and under-cabinet fixtures, it is not uncommon for 40-50% of the total light output of the lamp(s) to be lost before it exits the fixture.LEDs emit light in a specific direction, reducing the need for reflectors and diffusers that can trap light.


  1. Ask your property manager or engineer if your business or building uses high efficiency lighting.
  2. If not, put together a cost analysis.
  3. Propose your analysis to management.
  4. Have your new and highly efficient lighting installed!

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