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Green Team

Dec 01, 2012 Written by  Green Port Network
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A "Green Team" is essential in maintaining enthusiasm, producing creative ideas, and engaging employees. By working together, your greening efforts will be a success! 

You may be asking... How many people should be on my Green Team? How much time do members have to dedicate?

Good questions. An office that hasn't done much greening can be transformed from a resource hungry workplace into a greener workplace by investing about 15 hours a week to research, implement and track their environmental performance. To achieve long-term sustainability, that same office could invest more time or continue the same level of effort over a longer span of time.  

An office that has been working towards greening for a while can probably meet the Challenge within 8 hours a week by filling in the scorecard and implementing a few additional practices.


  1. Find staff members who are enthusiastic about greening the office. Ideally, you would have members from each department. To increase the effectiveness of these members and ensure they have time to dedicate to greening, senior management could include green efforts as a 5% of each Green Team members' job description.
  2. Have a Green Team launch meeting. Make it fun! Discuss what is important and prioritize these concerns.
  3. Divide into committees (outreach, energy, waste, transportation, and property management engagement) and get to work!
  4. The Green Team could meet (all committees and other interested parties) once a month or as needed. The same applies to committees.

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