Battery, Cell Phone and Cartridge Recycling

Battery, Cell Phone and Cartridge Recycling

Dec 01, 2012 Written by  Green Port Network
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The average cell phone is replaced (or upgraded) every 18 to 24 months. That's a lot of cell phones. When it's time to retire your old cell phones or replace your rechargeable batteries, don't forget to recycle them. You'll help preserve natural resources and keep discarded products out of landfills.

About 500 million ink-jet and 75 million laser cartridges are sold annually in North America alone. About half of these cartridges are simply thrown away when empty - resulting in significant loss of resources and waste in landfills. Sending these cartridges back for remanufacturing and refilling can help avoid this waste. 

Recycling Alkaline batteries helps divert waste from landfills and helps recover valuable resources. It generally costs a small amount of money to recycle alkaline batteries.

Simple Steps to Take

  1. Contact the recyclers and set up bins in your office. 
  2. After setting up the bins, create and post clear signage about what materials are acceptable in the bins.
  3. Send an email blast to all employees or have a "Lunch & Learn" to educate the staff to this new program (and that it's not just for the office, employees can bring these items from home and make a true difference).

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